Can I do an "Automated" frequency sweep

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13 Sep 2008

We are interested in purchasing the Cleverscope for our calibration lab. We need a simple solution to sweep from say 10Hz to 1MHz and quickly obtain an amplitude v.s. frequency plot.. I know there is an FFT function, would we use this in a storage mode ??

Is this possible with this device ?

17 Sep 2008

Perhaps I need to re-phrase the question.. Can I easily do a Bode type plot of amplitude v.s. frequency, either in real time sweep or storage, summation or whatever you might call it ?
rhcarter rhcarter

18 Sep 2008
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If you to to youwill see on page 16 a detailed explanation of the measurement of the transfer function response. While that example is over the audio range you can equally set it up for the range you are looking for.

You are also able to save the information as a text file by either using logging or one of the file options.

Let me know if you need more information.

Roger Carter
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