Can the cleverscope be used as 20 MHz sampler

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15 Sep 2008
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we're thinking about buying a cleverscope as extension to our current lab equipment. One of the things we'd like to use it for is to sample a signal at 20 MHz (to get the samples and transfer them into a text file).

I've read through the forum topics, and I've tried out the demo software, however, it is not clear to me if it is possible to perform the following measurement using the standard cleverscope software:

-> sample an analog signal at 20 MHz until the scope internal memory is full (half of the memory that would be)
-> save all samples to a text file that can be processed with other software.

Is my understanding correct that:
-> the sampling rate can be set by changing the horizontal time resolution in the graph? Is a sampling rate of 20 Msamples/s supported, if not what rates are supported?
-> after a trigger condition is met, not the complete buffer memory is transferred to the PC. What exactly does the 'get frame' button do?

We would need to be able to log at least 50 ms @ 20 Msamples/s (or faster) for a single channel.

Thanks for the clarification,
rhcarter rhcarter

16 Sep 2008
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You are correct in your assumptions. The time axis sets the capture period - which is a minimum of 10ms and up to 20 seconds. The sample rate is defined by the required capture period.

At 100MS/sec you are able to log 20ms with the standard memory, 40ms with the CS800 option. If you only require 20MS/sec then expand the time axis to show 100ms (or 200 ms with the greater memory) and you will see the resolution drop accordingly. Once you have the informaion you are looking for, stop the trigger and click on the ""Get Frame"". This transfers the full buffer to the PC. You are then able to save as text - File - Save Graph as text - and manipulate the data in another programme.

Note that you must stop the trigger to transfer the buffer.

Please ask if you need further information.

Roger Carter

16 Sep 2008
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Hi Roger,

thanks for the explanation!

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