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1 Oct 2008

Is it possible to change the font & button sizes? They are quite small on my system. I have 1680x1050 display.
rhcarter rhcarter

1 Oct 2008
Posts: 114

You are able to make some minor chages to text sizes in the cleverscope.ini file -

appFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""
dialogFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""
systemFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""

Try adjusting them to see whether it improves your view.

It is not a perfect solution as scaling is one of the limitations of the verson of Labview we are using.

Roger Carter

6 Apr 2009

Is it available for all kinds of fonts too? How about special characters? This whole thing is new to me. Thanks for your advance help.

6 Apr 2009
Posts: 481

What the ??!!
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