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17 Oct 2008


I have been using CS328A for some time and it has worked fine for me. The version is up to date to 4.630. Now I have a need to measure 4 analog signals at the same time. I'm aware there is a seperate version for 4 channel application. I would like to know:

1) Can the Std. and 4 channel version software co-exist in the same PC or should I load the 4 channel version to the same folder for the 2 channel version?
2) Is a full installation required or I just need to copy Cleverscope.exe to the 2 channel directory?
3) Once I install the 4 channel application, could the application still run properly if only one CS328A is connected?
4) Are there any known issues / limitations with the 4 channel software?
5) Any tips for the installation I should know of to avoid accidentally corruption to firmware?

Thanks & regards,

rhcarter rhcarter

3 Nov 2008
Posts: 114

Your post had been overlooked but I will answer for any other users with these questions.

The four channel software has a document in the zip file explaining how to set it up.

1) They co-exist in the same directory as they are named differently.
2) Copy the exe into the same dir as the existing installation
3)The existing app will still run with a single Cleverscope or you can run the 4 channel app with one unit attached
4)The 4 channel software will always lag the main application in features so it is recommended to only use it when four channel operation is required.
5)No issues known

You can also run two instances of the 2 channel software by copying the cleverscope.exe to new files called, say, cs1.exe and cs2.exe. You can then run the two apps independently (or more if you wish).

Roger Carter

20 Nov 2008

Hello Roger,

I have used the 4 channel application for sometimes. As you advised, I only use it when I need to measure more than 2 analog channels and the 4 channel application does lag behind the latest 2 channel application in terms of features and performance. One of the key issues I found recently was that, the timing between each scope may not be synchronised accurately at some time base. But if you zoom in with a shorter time base, it may appear correctly.

It would be great if the 4 channel application is up to date with the 2 channel one. The capability of 4 or more channels of the advertised feature played some parts for me to buy this scope. But currently the performance is a bit compromised. I'm looking forward to the next release fo rthe 4 channel application.

Best regards
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