Minor v4631 issues

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31 Oct 2008
Posts: 22

The brand new v4631 update, if used on my CS328 (non A),
causes a signal generator offset of ~+1V (without termination).
Downgrading to v4630 solves this problem.

Thank you very much for implementing ""The Log"" !-)

It would be very nice if you could add the ability of logging
the signal generator frequency too.
The ""internal"" frequency measurement (""Fundamental Frequency"" in
signal information, Scope/Tracker/Maths) is limited and can not
be used for large frequency spans.

Sometimes I am missing the possibilty of logging values from
different ""sources"".
E.g.: peak-peak or RMS from scope as well as f0, f1 from the
spectrum graph.

rhcarter rhcarter

11 Nov 2008
Posts: 112

v4631 includes a significant upgrade of the calibration system. Therefore, especially for the earlier units but beneficial for all, you should do a full calibration. This should resolve your problem.

The logging features are expanding all the time so it is likely that those will be added in time - I will add them to our route map.

Roger Carter
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