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6 Nov 2008
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There does not appear to be a way to save a waveform for later visual comparison to a “live” waveform? If not, this would be a very useful feature for the software. Even the lowly 60 MHz 2-channel Tektronix TDS 210 allows you to capture a reference waveform for each channel for later comparison to the associated live waveform.

Best regards, Michael

23 Feb 2009
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Hello Michael, in line with the email I sent you, for Clarification of everyone else, you can do trace compare with a little bit of work. Here's how:
1. Open the Maths equation builder, and the Maths graph.
2. In the Maths equation builder type three equations, a-> c, a-> a, c->b. Enable them all.
3. Capture your reference waveform.
4. Disable the a->c equation.
5. Capture further waveforms. You will have the new waveform in Chan A on the Maths Graph, and the reference waveform in Channel B. You can do Maths on the differences if you want.

Carry on doing 5 until you want a new reference, in whic case you re-enable a->c, and capture the new reference.

Also you can use the file system to do this:
1. Capture your reference waveform into Channel B. Do a Save As.. to Save the reference.
2. Use File/File Options, and click off the 'Open Channel A into Display'.
3. Capture the new waveform into Channel A.
4. Go File/ and then select the reference file from the most recently used file list. The file will open, and the B channel will over-write, showing the reference. The A channel will show the new waveform. If you changed the trigger, you may wish to change the trigger back again, and do a 'Save' to save both the reference waveform, and also the trigger settings.

Repeat 3-4 as needed.

Eventually we will make this easier!
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