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11 Dec 2008

I´m so interested in your equipment. We are looking about the capabilities of the clerverscope but we have a question about the Bandwidth.
In the specification chart (where you compare with other brands) we saw you have 100Msa/sec rate and in the main page you say have 100Mhz of bandwidth but we dont have clear how the cleverscope reach the 100Mhz provided that for rebuilding completly a signal you need at least a sampling rate of the double of the highest component of frecuency. Based on this we think that the bandwidth would be at the maximum 50Mhz.

Thanks for your helping, we just want to make sure this tool is what we are looking for.
rhcarter rhcarter

11 Dec 2008
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Hi Olivera,
When we talk about bandwidth we are specifying the front end analogue performance. So the signal presented to the digitiser has a 3db point of 100 MHz. If measuring a repetitive signal you will be able to resolve frequencies up to that. We also have peak capture so can identify transients up to that frequency, which many scopes do not allow. However, if looking at non-repetitive waveforms then you have to decide how many sample points you require for an acceptable resolution.

I hope that assists you in your deliberations.

Roger Carter
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