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5 Feb 2009

I have been using the protocol analyzer feature for couple of weeks now on SPI and I2C and it works good when it works.

The issues I have:
1. The protocol analyzer (I2C) works less than 50% of the time for me even when digital signals are perfectly clean and correct.
2. When it does not work, it removes the protocol trace from the window adjusting the other traces accordingly. This creates an annoying flicker. When the protocol analyzer is enabled, the protocol trace should stay on even when it does not contain any data.
3. The protocol trace data shows in a very small font hard to read. Any way to change the font?
4. Printing of the traces on a printer prints a lot of gray background wasting a lot of toner. Anyway to change background color or to remove it?
5. Will USB protocol be supported?

Otherwise it is very close to be perfect.
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