Wanting to buy c-scope, but have a few questions

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7 Feb 2009

Hello, I have been shopping for a multi function USB device like the c-scope for some time now. I'm about to make the big purchase, but have some concerns.

1) Linux support
-I read that a version would be ready Q2 2009, but what will this include? Driver, program, source?

2) LabVIEW support
-Are all functions that are available in the c-scope program available via LabVIEW?

3) c-scope output
-Just to make sure, can the digital lines be used for output
-Are there ""add-ons"" for protocol analysis? I would like to program the digital i/o lines to be an OBD-II interface with a car.
-Is there any way to it as an arbitrary waveform generator? It looks like it is using an FPGA, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement. A similar device, the USRP, is based on an FPGA and has an ADC/DAC for i/o.

4) SA
-Is there any spectrum analysis capabilities in the software or firmware? This should be a no-brainer, but I didn't see it in any pics.

I have compiled a rather large spreadsheet of every USB scope/SA/LA/sig. gen I could find in case anyone would like to use it.

rhcarter rhcarter

12 Feb 2009
Posts: 114


1) Linux support will grow gradually in parallel but behind the Windows version. Initially only the programme will be available, with drivers and sample code for labview following. Support for others will then be written as demand is indicated.

2)Yes, the programme is written in Laview

3)No, the digital lines are input lines only.

4)There is a spectrum analyser built in, it is described in many documents on the Resources page - check out the comparison chart at http://www.cleverscope.com/resources/Cleverscope%20oscilloscope%20review.pdf . This also gives more details to help with your comparison.

I would be interested in your chart if you could email it to me.

Roger Carter

12 Feb 2009
Posts: 481

Hello Smittex - just a further note, the protocol decoder is written as a plug-in system. We plan, quite soon, to publish the plug-in definition so you can write your own decoder, if you want. Currently we call the 4 decoders we have written using the labview VI server with a dynamic call, so it is a fairly simple story to write a Labview VI with the same interface to decode something else. The delay is in making a DLL version of this interface available to people who don't know Labview.

The Cleverscope does include 3 digital outputs, and we plan to use these for stimulus, once we have worked out the best way. The CS701A is not an AWG - it uses an AD9834 DDS generator to make the signals. Having said that, we can modulate the DC level with an update rate of about 1 MSPS, and so we do intend to bring out a low bandwidth AWG, which should still be of interest to some. However you need to be aware that we are always slow about implementing these things!
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