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20 Mar 2009

Looking at purchasing a PC based scope. One question that comes to mind is which interface will give the best performace, USB or Ethernet?
What are the advantages/disavantages?
Thank you.

23 Mar 2009
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Hello Simpson,
The USB transfers at an average rate of about 18 Mbyte/sec. The Ethernet transfers at about 5 Mbyte/sec, so the USB is faster. In real life, because we have a fixed 20 frame/sec update rate you do not really notice this, unless you make the screen very wide (ie you transfer lot's more data). The Ethernet is isolated, and this can be quite an advantage in reducing ground loops, and reducing damage if you connect a scope ground probe to mains (people do it). Also with Ethernet you can have the Cleverscope anywhere on the network (and in fact anywhere on the Internet) and use it remotely. I hope this helps.

24 Mar 2009

Cheers Bart.
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