Problem with starting the Labview 8.5 sample

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7 Apr 2009

I downloaded the CScope Control driver L85 and installed the labview runtime 8.5 to start compiled example of Simple Scope. But I get an Error if i start simple scope.exe.

""There has been an error. The application is closing. The Code was: 1003 VI-Refercence open in cscope run>Cscope control>Simple><APPEND> VI-Path: <b>the path of my file folder""

What can I do?

8 Apr 2009
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To use the Simple Scope app, you need these things done:
- The Labview 8.5 runtime loaded
- The NI Visa runtime loaded
- The Cleverscope acquisition unit USB port driver installed.
If you install the Cleverscope application, that will force the NI-Visa to be loaded, and the USB port driver installed. You will also be able to prove that the Cleverscope is communicating properly with your PC.
We can make an installer that does all this, but we have found some people have their own versions of teh runtime and Visa, and don't want them over written.

Please let us know if the Cleverscope application works fine.

regards, Bart

23 Apr 2009
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Ok, we found one other thing - you need the file 'FTD2XX.DLL' to be in either the executable directory, or in your windowssystem32 directory. This file is required, but was missing in the web download of the 8.5 control driver. You can find it in the drivers directory on your CD, or program filescleverscopedrivers
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