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25 Apr 2009


I have still trouble with the SimpleScope program recognizing my cleverscope unit.
I have the cleverscope connected with USB. Using the .bpls and .dlls from the
Delphi folder, I'm able to run simplescope (at least as long as I don't compile it).
However, it starts up with CAU status closed and Interface source ""Ethernet - Find first Cleverscope"",
Unit ID 0. I switch the Interface source to ""USB"" and the Unit ID to 0, 1, 2, ..., 7 and
press the Re-open button, but I still get the CAU Status ""closed"". Using the debugger,
I checked that an ""init"" command is passed to the driver with the appropriate settings
(as far as I can tell) but it comes back with CAU Status ""closed"". Any ideas as to why?
I'm using borlndmm.dll, cc3260mt.dll, Cscope Control Driver.dll and FTD2XX.dll as well
as vcl60.bpl, tee60.bpl, and rtl60.bpl in the SimpleScope directory.

Michael Smy

27 Apr 2009
Posts: 412

Hello Michael,
One other question - have you upgraded the USB driver in your installation to be NI-Visa based, according the the doc : 'Cleverscope update USB driver.pdf'. If you still have the Quick USB driver installed, it will not be recognized, as we no longer support it. We have done this because we have found NI-Visa more reliable, especially for multiple unit installations, and Ni_visa supports Ethernet. We have also moved to using our own Vendor ID. Cleverscope applications from 4634 onwards now also only support the Classic CS328, and the CS328A with NI-Visa USB driver.
I hope this helps.

28 Apr 2009

We have now updated the USB driver as well as the cleverscope application and firmware, and instead of receiving a CAU status of "closed" we now receive the CAU status "runtime closed". We are still using all the same files and have followed through the pdf's which were included with all the updates. Is there something else that we seem to missing?

29 Apr 2009
Posts: 412

Hello Michael,
Have you installed the NI-Visa driver as outlined in the pdf? There are two parts you need to do:
1. Install the NI-Visa driver.
2. Install the USB .inf file to connect the USB device to NI-Visa.
Note that these changes are only required for installations that used the Quick USB driver. Versions 6434 onwards do not need update. Versions 6421 and prior definitely need update. Versions 6422 - 6433 supported both Quick USB and Visa, and so if they were an upgrade from a previous version you will need to upgrade to NI-Visa.
If you have a Vista 64 installation, please let us know, as you will have to do a 64 bit install.

Finally please confirm that the main cleverscope application still runs properly. Thanks!

2 May 2009

Hi Bart,

We have installed the NI-Visa driver and also the correct .inf file and after doing so ran the cleverscope application and it still seems to work just fine. We are still encountering a CAU status of ""runtime closed"", are there any other suggestions you may have?

5 May 2009
Posts: 412

Hello Michael, I have called you a few times to work through what is happening. Once I have managed to talk to you, I will report back here what the problem was. Please send us an email for a good time to be called.

5 Jun 2009
Posts: 412

Ok, we talked through the problem. The NI-Visa environment was not loaded.
For everyone else, all original installations after 6430 use the newer NI-Visa USB driver. For earlier environments, you may still be using the QuickUSB driver. If you upgrade, please follow the instructions in the ""Cleverscope update USB driver.pdf"" document carefully.
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