Cursors track with waveform pan and zoom

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27 Apr 2009
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Hello all,

I would like the option for the cursors to track the waveform when panning and zooming.

This would be useful when decoding (manually) long bit streams. I tend to have a reasonably close zoom to make something like 20 or 30 bits on screen and then drag the waveform across to see the next set of bits. It would be easier if the cursors could be set to move with the waveform as it is panned and zoomed so I can easily keep track of where I am up to.

Also, I would like to be able to set cursor locations by double clicking in the digital waveform display. Also, panning by click and drag in the digital waveform area (rather than just the analog waveform area) would be good as well.


28 Apr 2009
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Hello Ian,
Ok, we see what you mean - the analog markers do stay locked to the waveform, exactly as you want it, but the digital ones do not. We will fix it. You can quickly set the markers by hitting the 1 or 2 letter keys (for markers 1 or 2). We do plan to make the digital waveform area work the same as the analog one.

You might also like to use the tracking graph here - use teh scope graph to capture the big picture, and then use the tracking graph to watch the 20 or 30 bits. Then as you move the tracking graph, the cursor on the scope graph will show you where you are in the big picture.
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