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30 Apr 2009


I turned my scope on today & no USB communication? Tried different PC & same thing, it is not recognized. I need it to do a job right now & am in a bind please help!



30 Apr 2009
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We have emailed you. Email is usually a faster way to ask for help! Please check that the green power LED is on. If not, suspect the power supply . If you have access to a multimeter, check that it is putting out 9V. If the green LED is on, check with USBview (in your ..program filescleverscopedrivers directory, to see if the USB port is seeing the Cleverscope. If it is, then check with Device Manager that there is an entry for 'NI Visa USB devices' and that under that there is an entry for Cleverscope.

If there is no USB device to be seen with USBview, then the most probable situation is that you have inadvertantly connected the scope probe ground clip to a voltage source with some current behind it (like the mains), and caused both the sacrificial ground track under the BNC connector to open, but possibly also the fault current limiting resistor in the USB board. If this happens, the USB stops working. Please contact by email, and give us a phone number, and we will talk to you directly.
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