LV7.1 .VI worked on CS328 but not more on CS328A???

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17 May 2009

hello support-team,

my cs328a and the cs328 were connected over USB to my
laptop. i installed all driver and the newest cleverscope software,
the cleverscope.exe worked fine, sig gen and chan A + B shows what they should.
Only the work with the cscope control dont work,
i got some labview 7.1 vi´s who are based on your
cscope control driver vi, and this brings up the following error

and after detail analyse

it would be very nice to get help from you.

best wishes

20 May 2009
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Hello Arnoob,
I understand you updated to NI-Visa, updated the Cs328A USB connection to use the NI-Visa based .inf file, and used the new cleverscope.exe. In doing this you will have changed the CS328A to use our own Vendor ID (before it was using a QuickUSB one - it changed from 0FBB to 1E41). You can check this happened with usbview.exe which is in your program filescleverscopedrivers directory.

After we did this update we also had to update cscope It had to be able to talk to the new VID, and we made it so that it could talk to multiple (up to 8) cleverscopes at the same time.

If you have not changed from the old cscope to the new one, you will see the problem you are experiencing. You can download cscope control V2 from here:

If you have any other problems, please let us know, or email.

8 Jun 2009

Hello Mr. Schroder,
i installed the newest Driver, but the last screenshot still alive.
I thought it is a problem with the control driver runtime vi, because this
error comes up, when i start a new init or sometimes after a aquire command.
Simple scope exe and vi works fine, at least very big thanks for the repair of
the unit.
best wishes
Arno Pfefferling
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