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3 Jun 2009

I have CS328A. Nice work. Did you make some progress in signal generator FSK/PSK features?
(I read your answer - good idea) Could be very usefull. Thanks, Popo

5 Jun 2009
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Hello Popo,
Thanks for the comment. No we did not make any progress! So far just two requests for this (plus a million requests for other things). If other people would like to note expected usage for FSK/PSK here, we will do it. It's already on the list, but keeps being pushed down. The simplest solution is that we modify the sig gen window with a button to expand it sideways, and these extra values for you to choose:
1. Enable FSK
2. Number of digital inputs used for FSK selection (1-8) - allowing from 1-255 different frequencies.
3. Digital inputs used for FSK (as in IN4..IN2 for a 3 bit selector, IN2 is LSB). 0 means standard Sig Gen setup.
3. Frequency list (Freq 1.. Freq 255)
4. Button - Frequency is an offset from current sig gen frequency, or frequency is absolute.
5. Enable PSK
6. Number of digital inputs used for PSK selection (1-8) - allowing from 1-255 different phases.
7. Digital inputs used for PSK (as in IN7..IN4 for a 4 bit selector, IN4 is LSB). 0 means standard Sig Gen setup.
8. Phase list (Phase 1.. Phase 255, in degrees)

Ok, if only one Frequency or Phase is used, then modulation rate will be high (up to about 40 Mhz). If more than 1 Frequency or Phase is used, then we have to load the new frequency or phase before it can be used. This takes 16 us, and therefore limits the modulation rate.

What this approach allows you to do is have pre-configured frequency set (eg for ATE testing) and make the Cleverscope output them under direct control. Note that you can already do this (but much slower) using the Maths equation builder (you can set the sig gen output dependant on the digital input word).

Please vote if you want this, or suggest alternative ways.

6 Jun 2009

Hello Bart, thanks for answer. Yes, I vote for functions and way you have described. There is no too many siggen's with possibilities to produce not only ""simple frequency"" in this category. With FSK/PSK the CS328A becomes a great complex equipment for testing. I am suprised only two guys want these functions.
You wrote to do this with MathEq Builder. Could you, please, write simple example how to generate FSK/PSK with MathEq Builder? I will appreciate it.

Good Luck and thanks, Popo

PS: Can I vote 1000x for it? Maybe it will bring my request higher on your wish list :D
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