Problem aquiring Cscope control driver LV85

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4 Jul 2009


This is the first time I try to use Cleverscope in LabVIEW.
I'm trying to use LabVIEW 8.6 to adcquire a signal with the CS328A. I downloaded Cscope control driver LV85 and I'm using the example ""Simple Scope.lvproj"", when I follow the steps provided in ""Cscope control"" ""Got Samples"" is never true.

So I followed the steps on ""Cscope Control Driver vi description.pdf"" at page 6.

I notice that the CAU status is never opened while command Status is set and ,when running, this error appears twice:

""Error 1 ocurred at Dequeue Element in CScope Acquire>Cscope transmit>Cscope control driver

I would thank any help.
rhcarter rhcarter

8 Jul 2009
Posts: 114

Because you are using 8.6 and the runtime was made for 8.5 you will have to re-compile before using.

You need to load the Cscope runtime manually, ensure it is not broken ie repair any issues caused by 8.6, then save all, then save all for main app

It should then work in the 8.6 environment.

Roger Carter

10 Jul 2009

Thanks Roger for your reply,

I've decided to downgrade to Labview 8.5 but the problem remains, I'm sending you an email with more details.

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