Averaging with Labview 8.5

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6 Aug 2009
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I am using the Labview 8.5 control driver.
I have develop my own application (state machine type) and it work perfectly when transferring and acquiring in normal mode.
I have problem to set the 4, 16, 64 and 128 averaging feature.

The steps I use are (for averaging of 4);
- Set the Acquisition Mode -> Waveform Avg
- Set Waveform Avg -> 0
- Set Num Seq Frame -> 4
- Set Num Buffer -> 5
Then Update the driver and restart the acquiring sequence -> Acquire - Wait for Samples.
At that stage the output ""GotSample"" is always False.

What is wrong in that setup?

Next step, after resolving the average problem, will be to acquire and transfer multiples frame in one shot.
Documentation is so minimal that I might spend few hours to find the way to do it.
If someone could also help me with that feature I will be the happiest man in the world.

27 Aug 2009
Posts: 481

Hello Harold,
We have been chatting via email, and I'd just like to ensure that everyone else benefits from our conversation. We have made a new version of the Labview 8.5 Control (V3) which now includes a minimum scope vi. You can use this minimum scope for experimeting with setups. As a complement to it, we have written a document 'Cleverscope labview Control Driver use.pdf' which goes into the detail of how to the things that Harold has asked about. In addition Harold has written a small vi that captures with acquisition unit based averaging, and also as a sequence. We have a small bug to resolve, but when that's done, we will include it in the Control Driver, if Harold agrees.

Thanks for all the work on this Harold. We will migrate V3 to Labview 8.2, 7.1, 7.0 and the DLL shortly.
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