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15 Aug 2009
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When I started the Cleverscope app today, the Scope Graph window appeared briefly then moved off the screen. No part of it was on-screen, so I couldn't drag it back on.

This may have resulted from having previously used the app when my computer was connected to a different monitor.

I eventually solved the problem by deleting the file C:Program FilesCleverscopeCleverscope.prf . The app then started with a default window layout, windows in visible places, and recreated a .prf file upon exit.

It might be a good idea for the app to check the boundaries of the current display and restrict window locations thereto.
rhcarter rhcarter

17 Aug 2009
Posts: 114

That is a problem I have a lot after doing demostrations on data projectors and large screen monitors and I have found an easy solution.

Right click on the icon for the missing window in the task bar and select ""Move"". The mouse will move to the relevant window position.

Now hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse until you see the window appear.

A second option is to save your preferred setups as .apc so you can reload with windows and settings exactly where you want them each time. This requires a little planning in advance but is great to have different setups for alternative configurations.

It would be nice to constrain to the valid screen area but that is not simple to implement and has other implications. In the meantime either of these is easier than deleting the .prf - which is also a valid solution but can cause you to loose other settings you wanted to keep.

Roger Carter
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