Cleverscope update V4.644 installation problems

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3 Sep 2009
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I downloaded the new update ""Cscope Update"" file, unzipped it in a miscellaneous directory & ran Setup.exe. I get a Warning ""Some of the needed files do not exist. Only the available items are enabled. If you continue with this update your Cleverscope Application may not work properly. Please download the full update from"" When I click OK, all of the 4 Install options are greyed out and not available.

I am following the pdf installation instructions so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong...

Jerry Elarton

7 Sep 2009
Posts: 477

Hello Jerry, thanks for being a loyal Cleverscope user!
Our suspicion is that you have not fully extracted the folder. If you use Windows itself, double click on the compressed folder, click on the folder inside it, go Ctrl C (for copy) and then Ctrl V (paste) to your miscellaneous directory. If you look inside the folder you created this way it should have two sub folders- 'Drivers' and 'Executables' inside it. If the double click started Winzip, the default behaviour is not to copy hierarchies (how silly can you get), and make a flat folder of it all. Once you open it with Winzip, click the 'Extract' button, and make sure the 'Use Folder Names' option is checked.

21 Sep 2009
Posts: 3

Thanks, Bart, that was the problem. It installs correctly now.

Thanks again!
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