Beter FFT frequancy resolution

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15 Nov 2009

As I found, available frequency resolutions are from 1024 (or 2^10) till 16384 (or 2^14) samples in each FFT set. It would be great if You add 35536 (or 2^16) as well.
Thank you.

17 Nov 2009
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Hello Malva,
as it happens we have a new version on the website tomorrow which does exactly this. You can now do spectra up to the full resolution of your frame. With an 8M Ceverscope you can achieve 50 Hz resolution with 50 Mhz bandwidth (you still need to make sure the scope graph is capturing a time duration wider than 2/F resolution, eg 40msec for 50 Hz resolution). It does get slow, but if that is what you want, I guess you will wait for it!

This new version is also much smarter about loading the correct length sample set to achieve correct Protocol decoding.
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