Unknown functions in 4.648 (or earlier)

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29 Nov 2009
Posts: 22

What does the new, magic ""Chart"" button do (except from being green or gray ;-)?

What exactly does ""Frames per capture"", in the acquisition menu, do?
Is this a simple ""delay""? It looks like only every n-th frame get displayed...

rhcarter rhcarter

30 Nov 2009
Posts: 114

Hi Axel,
Sorry, it should not have been released with the button. That is for a new feature, high speed charting, which will be relased shortly - but not yet. We are publishing 4.649 this week which will hide the button until it works!

""Frames per capture"" allows you to acquire a group of frames on a single trigger, rather than one frame per trigger. It will only show the last frame and if you want to see the others you will need to toggle back through them by selecting ""Current Frame"".

Roger Carter
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