Outputing a burst with the signal generator?

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17 Dec 2009
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Is there some way of outputting a short burst with the signal generator. I'm thinking on the order of 10us.


17 Dec 2009
Posts: 481

Hello bwc,
We have the electronic means within the sig gen to do this, we just have to implement some software to make it happen. (Just!).
Our sig gen can in fact alternate very quickly between two frequencies and/or two phases. So if we make one frequency the one you want, and the other frequency DC, we can alternate between DC and the burst frequency very quickly (about 50ns). So we have the means. The next question is how to control it - we could use an input as the switch source (eh Dig In 1-9, Ext Trig, or thresholded Chan A or Chan B), or we have an internal timing source. Perhaps it could also be started in response to a trigger event. We have other changes happening in the firmware/logicware, so we will look at putting a more generalized sig gen control into the changes that also allows short burst output.

If you have any suggestions, please make them!
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