CS328A spectrum analyser Good For satellite signal finding

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7 Jan 2010

Please someone answer me CS328A Spectrum Analyzer is good for satellite signal finding??

11 Jan 2010
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hello Atiny,
The Cleverscope CS328A is good for baseband spectrum analysis at 0-100 Mhz. Using the 14 bit converter you can achieve 85 dB dynamic range with 50 Hz resolution over 50 Mhz.

The standard satellite frequencies are in the L (950-1750 Mhz), C (3400 - 4200 MHz), X (7250-7750 MHz) or Ku (10.7 - 12.7 GHz) frequency band. This means that you need to down-convert the signal to baseband first. Most downconverters will convert from the band of interest to a 70 MHz IF, often with a bandwidth of about 36MHz centered on 70 Mhz (ie 52 - 88 Mhz). Digitizing the downconverter output yields a frequency inverted (aliased) result from 18 - 48 Mhz. Other IF frequencies are sometimes available. Some downconverters include a frequency invert function which allows the frequency inversion to be corrected. The Cleverscope's dynamic range and phase noise make it quite suitable for finding satellite signals, by scanning the down converter to find the satellites carrier.

Some example devices:
All: http://www.comtechefdata.com/ProductConverters.asp
L band - http://www.atlanticsat.com/ASC401LE.htm
C band - http://www.microphaseinc.com/Products/C-Band/mp-9240.htm

There are high bandwidth spectrum analysers available that will allow you to look at the signal directly, but these will be expensive.

I hope this helps a bit!
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