acquire data of all 4Channels into my LabVIEW application?

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13 Jun 2006


i stack two CS320 to a 4 Channel Scope. Everythink works fine with cleverscope4.exe, but i don't know how to acquiere all Channels into my own LabVIEW 7.1 Application, which works only with Unit 1(only the first 2 Chans). Can you send me an example or give me a hint? Many thanks in advance.

best regards


16 Jun 2006
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Hello Frank,
we just finished updating the website with v3517. Next we do the Labview VI for version 7, and then we do a 4 channel VI. Thanks.

22 Nov 2006

How can I get 4 channels using the CscopeDriver.dll ? (We are using Matlab.)
Is it sufficient to connect one of the CS328s to USB or do both need an USB connection ? (In other words: Is the link cable between the scopes a kind of USB hub?)

2 Dec 2006
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Hello Swapro - same apology as other post!
You will need one USB cable per acquisition unit. This maintains throughput. The link cable is used to distribute a common trigger time reference.

The current driver can be used to acquire 4 channels, provided you have two instances of the dll running with different names - for example call one csope1.dll, and the other cscope2.dll. The first called driver will talk to the lowest USB serial number acquisition unit, and the next loaded dll will talk to the higher USB serial number.

Note that you will manually have to set the serial numbers on the Cleverscopes to be different. This can be done by going to and downloading the 4 Chan Cleverscope, and following the instructions in the PDF.

Good luck!

24 Feb 2007

We just got two CleverScopes - one CS328 and one CS 328A. So I have two questions:
1. Do the new CS328A scopes still need the change procedure of the USB serial number ? Where can I download a utility to do so ?
2. Does the Cscope Control DLL driver support the CS328A ?
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