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2 Feb 2010
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All to often I find I have saved older, non-applicable Notes's content with a later ScopeGraph. To help avoid such mis-matches, I would like to see the Notes window functionality modified such that a user is made aware that s/he is saving a newly named file with old Notes' content.

The notification logic could run something like this:

1) If Notes_content = null, complete the file-save action as Cs currently does. However, ...

2) If Notes_content <> null, respond to either of the following programmed actions:

__(a) If not previously time-stamped, insert a yymmdd.hhmm time-stamp at row-1, col-1 in the notes field, then save w/o notification. But, if already time-stamped, leave as is and complete the save ops. (Let the user later compare file & Notes time-stamps, and Notes-content with ScopeGraph content to determine applicability).


__(b) Simply notify the user (pop-up window): ""Notes contain old characters."", and give the user a choice to complete the save, or abort it to permit review of Notes' content for applicability.

3 Feb 2010
Posts: 481

Completely agreed.
I'd probably go for option 2b - it's what we already do with Math Equations. We will put it on the list for the next release.
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