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2 Feb 2010
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Here are a few expansions to the GUI that I would like to see:

============ Copy-out a filename =============
In the Cleverscope Control Panel there is a window (about 25% down from its top edge) which displays the directory file path of the last file saved or opened. In section 4.2 of Cleverscope's Manual, that window is identified as part of the ""DISPLAY"" area.

While it is possible to highlight/select any portion of the displayed file path, that selection can't be copied to my clipboard.

I wish Cleverscope would activate COPY, <Ctrl><c>, for that displayed path, so I can port a newly created filespec out to some other application.

====== Display current file-name in graph headers ======
Consider appending ""Scope Graph"" with the currently saved or opened file's name. E.g., Scope Graph - filename_1.apc, etc.

==== Suppress unused portions of Signal Information =====
When only one channel is being sampled, null out the OFF-channel fields in the Sig-Info table.


3 Feb 2010
Posts: 481

Hello Ancient,
1. we will make the file path and name copyable. No problem.
2. It's not so silly to change the title, if the graph is from a file, or has been saved to a file, so we will do that too.
3. The OFF channel is still fully processed internally, so the information is still valid. Some users declutter by turning the graph off, but use the values in the information window (eg a stimulus on channel B, and the result on Channel A - hide the stimulus, but know the frequency/amplitude etc from the information display). So I think we will leave it as it is.
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