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15 May 2010
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I have the code working ok under Matlab for regular acquisitions and am now trying to figure out how to use the averaging.

I've tried switching the following:

AcquisitionMode from 0 to 4
NumSeqFrames = 4
WaveformAverages = 0
NumBuffers = from 2 to 6

and acquiring in exactly the same way, but the ChanAData buffer is just filled with zeros... any insight?

on a separate note... I haven't been able to get starttime and stoptime to really change anything. right now I have them set to
StartTime = -2e-3;
StopTime = 2e-3;

and just change around the replay value, but it would seem that if I could reduce the time between start and stop, I would have faster acquisitions?


9 Jun 2010
Posts: 477

Hello Bryan,
We made a mistake in the waveform averages value, which has been rectified now in the labview documentation, and shortly in the DLL documentation. You put in the actual number of averages - 4, 16, 64, 128. Sorry about that.

StartTime and StopTime don't really affect anything if the period between them is less than 10ms (we still just capture 10ms, starting at StartTime) unless you have more than 2 frames in your store. With just 2 frames, we make full use of buffer, just in case. You can achieve faster acquisitions by increasing the number of frames captured. For example with 4ms required, and assuming you still want a possible 10ns sample resolution, you would need 400k samples per frame. So with a 4M unit, you could have 10 frames. In this situation we will capture 400k samples for a total time of 4ms. You can then use the replay times to choose whatever bit of the +/- 2ms range you want to see.

I hope this helps.
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