Input overload

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30 Jun 2010

A useful feature would be a "LED" on the Cleverscope Control Panel (and possibly on graph screens as well) that illuminates when the ADC reaches full scale. I have been caught a couple of times now by overloaded input. Thanks, Bruce.

21 Jul 2010
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Hi Bruce,
an overloaded ADC input will be manifested by the signal being off the screen. Recovery time is supposed to be one sample. How else is this a problem to you?

cheers, Bart

16 Sep 2010

hi Bart,

I am not quite sure of the specifics, but we were debugging some circuitry directly connected to mains i.e. about 700V p-p. We were using a 10x probe. The signal was all onscreen and was ""flat topped"". It took us a while to realise our circuit was actually OK but the screen was not indicating actual circuit conditions. Purchasing a 100x probe sorted it, but I do feel that some indication of ""overload"" would be sensible. Maybe the input amp before the ADC was clipping - I really don't know, but I am sure you would. Thanks, Bruce.
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