USB 2.0 Isolation for 328A

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22 Jul 2010


I'm looking to isolate the USB 2.0 interface. Would a device such as ( ) work?

That is, since the Cleverscope is USB 2.0, would it exceed the actual data rate specs of the Keterex USB-150: Full Speed USB Isolator? (in real world practice)

I know that your ethernet module is an option for isolation, but i guess I was looking for something cheaper and less permanent. Is there any USB 2.0 compatible (480mbps) isolators that you are aware of?



27 Jul 2010
Posts: 477

Hi Craig,
For the firmware from 6449 onwards, you can just swap the ethernet and USB modules as you want, and the firmware adapts. The Ethernet back panel does fit the USB module. We used to sell a fiber optic full speed (12 Mbit/sec) isolator, but we had some problems with it, and as the Ethernet is quite a lot faster, it seemed a better option. I would have thought a transformer isolated USB module such as the one you suggest would offer no advantages over the transformer isolated Ethernet module. It should work fine though, and is a little cheaper, as you say.
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