Ethernet port connectivity problem on CS320A

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6 Aug 2010


I bought a cleverscope CS320A recently and want to use it to aquire data within a C# project. Currently I am not able to get it connected properly, not even with the Cleverscope Control panel software.

Its specs:
-ethernet port, 10 bit, new version (serial > 5000).
Fixed IP adress, standard port etc. (Yes, I can see the scope within the « choose aquirer… « Menu, it shows up as « Available » with the correct Serial number)

Problem: Although the send/receive light on the ethernet port flashes quickly when I click “AUTO”, the error message “There is a problem with the USB port […]”, error No. 5102 comes up every time. The error comes actually two times quickly, first time with error No. 0, then with 5120.

I guess you did not bother to change error messages, so this probably means that there is a problem with the ethernet port connectivity.

Hint: After the initial install I got the ""Executable version (7.1.1) doesn't match resource file (7.1).” error, but was able to resolve that with the nicely documented hints in post 214 in this forum.

What I tried so far:

- Changing cables
- Rebooting everything after setup changes
- (force) Update the software, driver and NIVISA with the newest update from your website
- Uninstall older software on my PC that uses NI stuff and reinstall a clean 7.1. Labview Runtime from NI Website (I do NOT use Labview itself and never had it on the machine)
- Use older Cleverscope.exe Versions on the CD (within “Executables”)
- Unplug cable, click AUTO: same error, but MUCH later than above
- Disable Firewall
- Ping it on a command line: works fine (time <1ms)
- Run compiled executables from SDK stuff on your CD: There is no change in CAU Status after a click on Re-open (when I try to open the correct IP address)

How could I debug this problem further? It seems that there is SOME two-way connectivity (Control Panel shows Scope as Available, ping works) but data is not coming through.

Any hints ? Many thanks in advance, GG

9 Aug 2010
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Hello GG, It looks like you have been trying hard!
First, I assume this is the only cleverscope you have. When we sell a cleverscope we give it a unique NIC address. However, if a USB version is converted to Ethernet, the NIC will be the default, and two default addresses the same will mean that UDP works (which we use to find Cleverscopes on the network), but IP doesn't (which we use for actual communications). Please send us an email to support @ cleverscope . com if this is your situation, and we will tell you how to fix it.

The second possible cause of problems is if the subnet the cleverscope is in does not match the subnet the PC is in. (Unless there is a translation device such as a switch or router in the way, the IP protocol requires the two units sharing the connection to be on the same subnet). The first three groups of digits eg 192.168.0 are the subnet, and must be the same for both the PC and the cleverscope.

The third possible reason is that in using fixed IP, you have allocated an address that is the same as some other device on your network. Please make sure there are no competing devices.

Just out of interest, why fixed IP? It seems easier to use a DHCP network, allow the router to assign the IP, and just address the Cleverscope by serial number. That way you have no conflicts, and you can just plug your cleverscope in anywhere on your network.

Finally, if you are using a direct PC - Cleverscope link, make sure the PC is also operating fixed IP (and with the same subnet). If the PC is running DHCP, UDP messages get through, but IP ones don't. Please follow the instructions in the manual on how to connect directly to a PC.

If you are still having problems, send us an email directly.

Good luck!

9 Aug 2010

Thank you for the reply.
1) Yes, I am using only one cleverscope right now with a cross-over cable, BUT I am planning to use at least 3 later via a hub with one PC, so the NIC issue you mentioned may come up later...
2) I do not think I made any mistakes with the subnet and such. As I said, pinging works, as far as I know, ICMP would also go wrong if the subnet is unreachable. The IPs are fixed (or .2, tried both) for the PC and for the scope. Yes, I rebooted both devices and checked the updated settings with the setup menu (the scope comes up as available with the correct IP).

What I tried too: I installed the CD on another PC (same fixed IP settings). Here the Scope works!! Therefore it must be a software related problem. As I intend on using the first PC (its my development system, VS C# etc is only installed there) I would really love to get it working there.

I will try to get a vacant hub to use everything with DHCP. (I am not allowed to connect anything, like the scope, to the normal office hubs due to security regulations from our IT dep.). Results will be posted.

What I noticed: Clicking on ""find first available scope"" in the sample scope software is followed by a qick flash on the receive LED on the network-connector (as it is, as you explained, probably done via UDP). Connecting to the IP directly does nothing --> For some reason the computer does not ""see"" the the device via IP.

If you have any other ideas for debugging this, please let me know.

9 Aug 2010
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Hello GG,
Just for your interest, the connection is auto-sensing, and so it doesn't matter if you have a cross-over cable or not.
If we supply a Cleverscope with ethernet built in, it always comes with a unique NIC address, so hopefully this will not be a problem!

I think it is probably a network setting issue on your PC. Maybe you could put the 2 PC's side by side and make sure that the TCP/IP properties are the same.

On XP, open network connections, and click on the Ethernet adaptor you are using, find the Internet protocol entry, right click to view properties. From what you are saying you have already entered My question: is the subnet mask ?

If the subnet mask is not as it should be, you will see the IP fault you are seeing.

Secondly, if you click 'Advanced', and choose the Options tab, there will b an entry for TCP/IP filtering. Click properties, and make sure that filtering is not enabled.

Please let us know how you go!

10 Aug 2010

Update on progress:

- Our IT guys helped me out, now the Cleverscope is connected via Router (DHCP on), it gets the intended IP
- PC B (the one that worked also in direct fixed IP mode): ping works, Cleverscope main Software: works, Self developed programs (even the already compiled examples from the CD) now works.
- PC A (the one I had the above described connection problems): ping works, Cleverscope main software does not work, SDK programs: does not work.

And no, I did not make any easy mistakes with subnet masks, Filtering,Firewall or such things. In this case the main software would not work for aquisition on PC B.

- We decided to work through PC A with direct communication - Cleverscope

10 Aug 2010

Problem solved (Thank you Bart): some Labview-Runtime background versions were obviously still in conflict. After a complete un- and reinstall of runtime and VISA driver i can now connect to the Cleverscope with both PCs.
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