Control Cleverscope CS320A with Matlab

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10 Sep 2010

Dear Support Team,
I have been using Cleverscope CS320A and I would like to control it with Matlab.
How could I connect it to Matlab? Do I need an extra dll file which the functions are included or could I connect direct via USB ""Ni Visa"" with Matlab?
Is there any examples or tutorials in internet about the subject that I could use?

13 Sep 2010
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Hello Viktor,
The Cleverscope acquisition unit can be controlled using the Cscope Control Driver DLL. We provide examples of controlling it this way using Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Basic, and Delphi and Borland C. See our 'Resources' page on the website.
Matlab is able to call DLL's and pass data structures, so it should be possible to use Matlab in this way. However, we have not built an application example yet. You will need to use the Matlab 'LoadLibrary' function. Here is the Mathsworks help on it: To me it looks quite do-able.

If you need to control the acquisition unit yourself, the fastest way might be to download a free copy of Micosoft Visual Studio, and use that instead.

We have also recently made a maths process that calls Matlab. This allows you to use the normal Cleverscope application to capture and display the signal, but do processing using the Matlab environment. It will be in the next release. Maybe this could be helpful to you.

22 Sep 2010

Hello Bart,

thanks a lot for your answer.

best regards

25 Sep 2010
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Hello Viktor,
You might also want to look at this post,, in which another user got the cleverscope connected using Matlab. Maybe that will help you. If you are successful, it would be great if you could publish it here for others. Thanks.
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