Ethernet problem with CS328A

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10 Sep 2010
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We have had a CS328A (Ethernet) working successfully on our network via a router/switcher for 5 months. We have also had the same unit previously (a few months ago) working successfully on a laptop with a direct LAN cable connection. The proceedures and settings for connections were documented.

Yesterday, the CS328A was connected direct to the same laptop (WinXP) and was working, gathering scope and spectrum information. Today, however, with exactly the same setup and laptop, no unit is found or even listed in ""Choose Aquirer and set connection"". We have tried everything from resetting the laptop network connection, different cables, un-installing and re-installing the Cleverscope app and drivers.

We have also installed the Clevercsope app and drivers on another laptop (WinXP, never previously had any Cleverscope or NI app loaded), set-up the LAN just as had previously been done, but again, no unit is found (not even listed). Do get ""USB Problem"" pink dialog window coming up which I cant cancel. However, the unit functions perfectly when re-connected to our office LAN via a router/switcher which uses DHCP. When we tried to re-connected to the laptop the same problems occurs and no unit is found.

Please help.

13 Sep 2010
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Hello Alistair,
Just to summarize:
When you connect the unit to the DHCP office LAN it acquires the address from the DHCP router, and you see it correctly.
However when you direct connect to a laptop that was working correctly the day before it no longer works.
Our initial suggestion is that you connect the unit to the office LAN, and using the 'Choose Acquirer and set connection dialog', give the unit a fixed IP for which the subnet (the first three digits in the a.b.c.d address) match the first three digits of the fixed IP which your laptop is set to. This will ensure that both units are working on the same subnet.

Do you have more than one ethernet connector on your laptop? We have recently solved a problem in which machines with two ethernet adaptors could cause problems.

Is there any chance the sub net could have changed between the two days?

Let us know how you go.
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