Possible to 'log' Chan A and B raw data?

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14 Sep 2010

I have 10 mS windows where there are approximate 100, 15 uS burst that I am interested in. Obviously, there is a lot of dead time in between the 15 uS bursts that I am not interested in.

I have adjusted the scope to capture 15 uS at each trigger event. I thought that I would be able to log a stream of data at each one of these triggers by utilizing the View->Signal Info display (by enabling logging). Unfortunately, I have only been able to log the data that comes from the Math results. Am I missing something? Is there some way to log these 15 us bursts over the time-period I'm interested in?

I started writing a program to do this by capturing the full 10 ms stream, saving it to a txt file, and then removing all of the time segments that I am not interested in. However this adds at least 2-4 more steps every time I want to capture/analyze data. I also have looked at writing a program to do all of this automatically, but would prefer not to have to spend a bunch of time doing software development.

Can you please point me to a way of directly logging the raw channel a and b data? Is there another way of doing this through the off-the-shelf software that came with the scope?

Thank you in advance,


14 Sep 2010
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Hello Keith,
The simplest way to get just the signals you are after is to make a trigger that sees the burst. Set scope graph to be wide enough to capture a burst, and set the number of frames (Settings/Acquisition Settings) to one more than you want to capture (eg 101). Set the Frames per capture to 100 (you can make this as high as 2999). Click single to start the capture. Do whatever you need to make the signals happen. The scope will capture 100 seperate frames. To the right of the 'Get Frame' button on the Cleverscope Control Panel, select 'Seq'. Click 'Get Frame. All 100 frames are transferred into the PC. Click 'Save Graph As Text', and the 100 frames will be saved with a header to a text file, where you can post process as you want.

The Cleverscope application includes a 'VI server' which means you can control it with Labview if you have Labview available.

You can also do exactly the same thing with our DLL or vi driver. We have a Labview example of multi frame capture in the driver distribution. If you are using the DLL you could read how the multi-frame example works by looking at the Sequential Capture chapter in 'Cscope Control driver vi description' (in the Cscope Labview 7.1 Control xx' directory on the CD, or in the driver in the Resources page on the web).

I hope this helps.

16 Sep 2010

Thanks! Your suggestions have worked out well.

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