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16 Oct 2010
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I am zooming in on my maths graph and the resolution is much grainier than the scope graph. The scope graph resolution is 890nS, the maths graph appears to be in the neighborhood of 6oouS. Should they be the same?

20 Oct 2010
Posts: 477

Hello Gary,
The Maths graph, by default uses the sample set that was displayed in the scope graph, to keep things fast. When you zoom in on the Scope graph, a new sample set is recovered from the acquisition unit, and your resolution increases. When you zoom on the Maths graph, it's just zooming on the sample set that was in the Scope graph so you get no increase in resolution.

The solution is to set the Maths Graph Source to 'Full Buffer' . When you do this, the maths graph will use the full buffer - if it is available, or the scope graph if it is not. After capturing something for which you want to be able to zoom the Maths graph, click 'Get Frame'. The entire frame is transferred into PC memory as a 'Full Buffer', and will be used by Maths. This will slow the Maths down.

The advantage is that you can do filtering and other processes on the full bandwidth signal, and zoom right in (as you want).

I hope this helps.
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