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21 Jun 2006

The Cleverscope is definitely oriented around the analog channels. However, those eight digital inputs are begging for simple logic analysis capabiltiy. The promised protocol awareness is a great addition. It would be really great if the whole unit could be re-purposed as a logic analyser (maybe with rudimetary analog capability on two channels) where a channel could be assigned as clock with maybe some qualifiers, and then capture data on other lines. If the trigger and two analog channels could be added into the stew then a single Cleverscope capture unit could manage 11 signals and be pretty powerful

27 Jun 2006
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Yes we are working on the protocol analyser. However, in the meantime, are you suggesting that another way to use the Cleverscope would be to do away with time based capture, and use clock based capture instead? Would there be many takers for this?

Right now you already have some quite powerful mixed signal trigger capabilities which mean that you should be able to do some logic analysis as it stands. With 2M samples per frame you can capture quite long data sequences - But I admit a clock based, or transition edge storage system will be more efficient.

21 Jul 2006

Hmm, not too many takers :)

I presume you will end up with at least clock based decoding of the signals for protocol decoding. I was suggesting taking the next step and going with full logic analysis where the user sets up the state transition tables, etc. to capture/decode the data. I admit to not fully using the existing capability so I am not in any way held back by the lack of LA capability. However if it were there, then I wouldn't need to run out and purchase a new piece of equipment when the need arises...

I agree the current triggering logic is pretty broad and has been more than sufficient for anything I have done to date (looking for NAKs on an I2C stream, or triggering on the repeat start to examine return data, etc).

28 Aug 2007

hm, are you still on that thing?

i would also be very interested in protocol awareness, especially in i2c and rs232 (and a bit of spi).
i myself am not interested on hours of my transmissions in the memory, so it doesn't make a difference for me if the data will be captured time-based or clock-based (as you dont transfer much data over i2c e.g.). it's just a display-thing: seeing the actual data would be great! but i just have to count 1s and 0s to see what has been transferred. it is even difficult to see how many bytes have been transferred over i2c - even simple bars after a configurable count of clock bits would be helping...

i think many people are waiting on such a feature, as they bought the cleverscope expecting it but didn't find it.

what i wanted to say is: i dont expect wonders from the software, but a simple way to help me seeing what is on my lines is definitely missing (although wonders would be great, too ;)).

29 Jan 2009

thank you! thank you!

the new software does exactly what i wanted!
now i know, what i was paying for!

a happy cleverscope user!
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