Symmetry control of signal generator (PWM)

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25 Jan 2011
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I'm considering buying the CS700A to add to my Cleverscope, I certainly need to buy some sort of signal generator. Is there any way to make the square wave asymmetric, I'd like something like 1% on, 99% off ??

Also, the description talks of being able to adjust the phase, and do PSK, but I don't see the controls for this.



27 Jan 2011
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Hello Mark,
Currently there is no way to make the square wave assymetric. There is also no user interface to control phase, or do PSK.

However, we have relatively large piece of new software in progress that adds to the output capabilities of the cleverscope. This module will allow output of low frequency (1 MSPS) arbitrary waveforms, chirping of the sig gen, output of a set number of cycles and then a gap, and provide control of the duty cycle of the square wave. In addition the sequence that would have been output as an arbitrary waveform can be sent to the phase register instead to phase modulate the waveform, the frequency register to modulate frequency, and the amplitude control to amplitude modulate the signal. Finally the sequence can also be sent to the 3 digital outputs to make an arbitrary 3 bit pulse train.

We are working on the user interface for this - the idea is that you will be able to import a tab delimited text file, use a chunk of a captured waveform, use a software generator, or obtain the sequence from the Maths graph (which can come from Matlab if you use a Matlab function). Anyway there is much to do. We will report as we progress. There is other work contending (Linux, multi-channel and teh next cleverscope acquisition unit).

28 Jan 2011
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Thanks Bart,
Sounds good, I'll get the CS700A and look forward to you releasing the new software.



22 Jan 2013
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Hello Bart,
we are highly interested in buying a Cleverscope with the CS700A option and the ability to control the duty cycle of the square wave is a "must-have" feature. In addition the mentioned AWG function with a textfile import interface would be pretty helpful.
Unfortunately, I have not found any hints to these features in the current user manual or Cleverscope software v4,669. Could you please give an update about the implementation status. Thanks in advance.


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