CS328 driver issue with Windows 7 64-bit

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20 Feb 2011

I cannot get the USB driver to work for my CS328 device using my 64-bit Windows 7 operating system. Can anyone give me any advice here?

27 Feb 2011
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Yes you are right - and it has been a pain to us. To use a driver under Win 7 x64, the driver needs to digitally signed. We have the Versign digital signing tool, and thought it would be a relatively simple matter to sign the driver. However, drivers first need to go through WinQual. The driver is actually made by FTDI, and therefore the Winqual certification must be done through them. There is a program where if the only things to change are the PID and VID, the driver manufacturer can approach Winqual and have the driver certified for the new PID, and VID, for a much reduced fee. We have been through this process, however Winqual does not seem to have any record of the request made on them by FTDI. We will try this again. After Winqual gives their blessing we can sign the driver (using the Winqual certification).

If anyone has experience of this and how to make it faster, please let us know.

The CS328A driver will work correctly under both the Windows 7 x32 and x64 operating systems.

5 Mar 2011
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Well we have finally done it - probably 2 years too late, but we now have a signed CS328 driver in update 4651, which supports both x32 and x64 for the Classic CS328. The CS328A continues to be supported under both Win 7 x32 and x64.

22 Apr 2011
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Hi everybody,
I haven't been using my CS328 (serial __31xx) for some time now and I was trying to install it for the first time on my newer Vista 64-bit laptop (Intel centrino).
I loaded the 4650 full software installation, installed the legacy driver and updated the firmware to cscope_fw 6456 5336.
Although everything seemed to load succesfully, when I start the application I somehow get a square wave and a sine on the scope graph and no response from the probes.
Besides that, I see that no aquisition unit HW/FW information displayed in the help/about, as if I don't have the unit connected to the PC at all.
Anyway, I went and updated to the 4651 which I understand that it suppose to help with my 64-bit machine (selecting of course the CS328 driver) but nothing changed.
The PC shows that the driver is working properly and it acknowledges the USB cable connection.

Can anyone please help? Thanks.

26 Apr 2011
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Hello. You appear to be running the demo acquirer (the sine and square wave). If you use the menu 'Settings/Choose acquirer and set connection', and set the Type Of Acquirer to Cleverscope, that should allow the application to connect to your CS328. I'm not so sure how you got to not using it!

Please let us know how you went.

1 Dec 2012
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On getting things to compile under 64bit windows....

could you update the following files:

I started messing around with them to get them to work for 64 bits, but started to get stuck and figured you could just give us the actual files that you used. It looks like they are NI files anyway.

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