Bi-directional Digital Lines

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21 Jun 2006

I've only started looking into this, but expanding on the mixed signal capabilities would definitely be a plus for me. Having the digital lines bi-directional, expanding on the Maths functions for this, and adding a digital signal generator would be great. It sounds like you have a great product. I'm looking forward to the CS328A.

27 Jun 2006
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This is not a bad idea. I think perhaps it would be better that the signal generator be upgraded to include both analog and digital outputs, with arbitrary signal generation on both forms. What to you think?

1 Jul 2006

That would be good. Ideally, there would be the ability to do some simple logic operations (maybe via truth table) and allow the result to be output. This would help in prototyping. Also, there should be a straightforward way to add such things as a pulse of a defined width or clock of a defined frequency, etc. (and please provide a straightforward way to include duty cycle) Thanks!

13 Sep 2007

I'm not a specialist in digital electronics, therefore what I propose may be all nonsense. Just imagined what we could well use for a certain type of experiment (currently there are 3 pulse generators triggering each other), and then generalized it for maximal flexibility, keeping in mind what could be probably done with limited hardware ressources.

Any digital output (DO) can produce a pulse train, triggered and gated.

A pulse can be high (from low), or low (from high).

A pulse train contains P pulses, M ns wide with N ns pause (optionally, M or N could also be linked to the analog scope inputs). M can be also +inf . P can be -inf (pulsing stops on a trigger), +inf (pulsing starts on a trigger), +-inf (trigger ignored), 0 (constant low output), or any positive number for a pulse burst (one for single pulse). Pulse width up to sec. range should be possible.

For triggering and gating, following signals can be used: any digital input or output, and any scope trigger. The signals combined in a similar way to the DI combination for triggering. Adding a counter option would be nice. Both triggering and gating, with independent signal combinations, is possible on the same DO.

Arbitrary signal generation would also be a very nice option, but a different one. Triggering and gating would be also desirable here, as well as modulation by a scope input signal.
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