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22 Mar 2011

EDIT: Thanks to an e-mail response from Bart at Cleverscope, a firmware update solved this problem. Apparently this problem was fixed in version 6449 and later. I was running 6445 firmware. Note you have to update the firmware manually from the Executable directory in the latest 4651 update ZIP package. There are PDF update instructions in the ZIP file. Just running setup to install the update only updates the PC application not the firmware. Since the application and firmware updates, I've left the Cleverscope running for 24 hours without any loss of connection. The original problem is described below.

My ethernet connected 328AE works for about 10 - 45 minutes and then the software just stops and eventually you get a message that pops up and says:

""Warning: There is a problem with the USB port""

Sometimes there's a number ""5102"" in the warning box and sometimes it's ""0"". And, for what it's worth, my Cleverscope doesn't even HAVE a USB port.

I click OK and everything is frozen--I can't even close the program. Eventually the box just pops up again and the cycle repeats.

Force closing the app with the task manager, and restarting it, as well as power cycling the Cleverscope, still won't let it connect again. I have to re-boot the PC to restore ethernet connectivity.

If I immediately go into the Setting > Choose > Acquirer screen after it stops responding, but before it gets completely ""stuck"", the Cleverscope is missing from the list.

The software reports version 4.649, firmware 6445 and hardware 3.7.

It's XP SP3, 2 GB of RAM, nothing else running (not even a 3rd party firewall, no security software, etc.). Both the PC and Cleverscope are connected to the same gigabit ethernet switch.

Any ideas what might be wrong?
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