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29 Apr 2011
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HI all,

i am new and trying to get the power consumed by a PWM motor.
Can it be done with cleverscope?
If yes have someone done it before?
Need help as i am hitting the wall here.

Best regards,


2 May 2011
Posts: 477

Hello Timi,
Yes, you can measure the power consumed by a PWM motor. Assuming you have a power supply that powers the bridge that controls the motor, you can put a resistor in the supply line, and use one channel to measure the voltage across the resistor, and the other channel to measure the power supply voltage. Then use maths to calculate A*B, which gives you power. You can measure Energy by integrating it. We wrote about this a long time ago - see the Guided Tour on our resources page ( page 12. If the PWM moptor is very high power, it may be better to put the sense resistor in the negative line, as you will not have the power supply noise in the sensed current value that way, and refer both grounds to the supply side of the negative line. I hope this helps.

9 May 2011
Posts: 3

hi thanks a lot.

i will try it now. i think it will do the job nice. :)
i don't regret buying this oscilloscope fits my needs very well. thanks again.
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