cs328a the USB is not detected.

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15 Jun 2011
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cs328a (SN: FG4286) device after the ROM update does not detect USB

What should I do?

Directly using usb blaster download rom should I do?

18 Jun 2011
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Hello mysys, sorry about the time duration. Please email us at support about this. We have some questions:
This unit shipped with version 6420 firmware, which uses USB firmware that is now quite old. Rom Loader versions 6+ use a .cmf file that includes all the firmware you need, and should automatically adapt to the hardware you are upgrading. However Rom Loader version 5 does not do this and needs you to program the correct binary file.

Please confirm the version of ROM loader you used, and the file you were using for upgrade.

If you have programmed with an older version of Rom Loader, we can provide you with Rom Loader 6 and the necessary programming files. Please let us know.
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