Logging Update Interval Range

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16 Jun 2011
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What is the Logging, Update Interval, Field Range,
Fastest 0.0 = sample per trigger? (how fast can that be?)
Slowest 9 sec 99 sec 999 sec?

18 Jun 2011
Posts: 481

The fastest is 0, which means that the logging rate is the same as the trigger rate (the logger only logs when it gets a trigger). Maximum trigger rate is 20 triggers/second.

The slowest is 604 800 seconds per sample (once every week).

We also have the next version of cleverscope, out in beta, but not released yet, which does continuous stream to disk at between 250 samples/sec and 1.5 MSPS. Maximum duration is limited by your hard disk size (200G samples for example).
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