Opening APC file can cause window location problems

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21 Jul 2011
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I was sent some APC files to look at.

I loaded them into my copy of the Cleverscope software (version 4.651).

This caused the Cleverscope windows to jump around (presumably reflecting the Cleverscope window arrangement of computer that the APC files were captured on). This is not unreasonable most of the time. However, in this case my monitor setup and the other persons must have been quite different and the Cleverscope Control Panel window was sent into never-never land (off screen).

I could get it back by the ""off-screen secret handshake""* but that is a nuisance and the control panel window was often not seeming to get the focus using Alt+Tab which made the operation more tedious (something odd about that.)

Could there be a new APC loading option to ""ignore window locations""? This would help when transferring APC files from one system to another.


(* for those that are not aware of this method of getting off-screen windows back on screen it goes like this: Alt+Tab to make the off-screen window active, Alt+Space, then hit the ""M"" key, then hit any of the four arrow keys, then you can move the mouse to bring the window back on screen. Trying this on a visible window first to see what is happening can be helpful.)

21 Jul 2011
Posts: 7

Sorry, I forgot to search before posting.

I can see that this issue has come up before:

If anyone wanted to merge my post in with this older thread that is fine by me.

The possible solution to implement an option to ""Ignore window locations"" during APC should work OK and not cause the problems that Roger was mentioning. I agree with him that trying to constrain windows locations to be on screen can be difficult (I have seen it done but is not ideal).


22 Jul 2011
Posts: 481

Hello Ian,
It's not immediately obvious, but there is a way to do this. Set up the windows the way you want them, and then use File/File Options, and set the Open Option to 'Open Automatically, Data Only'. Now when you open an apc file, only the data will be loaded.

In the next version we have this as a stand-alone option, regardless of Auto Open. All the same, you can use the current method without problems while opening .apc files.

I hope this helps.
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