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17 Nov 2011
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I have a USB version CS328A that I would like to attach to an ethernet-USB server that I already have (this model: However, when I press any of the Acquite buttons to commence communications with the AU with it connected over the network link, I get a "kernel panic" and the dreaded Windows BSOD!! I am running WinXP SP3, and have updated to the latest version of Cleverscope and CS firmware. The AU shows up under the "NI-VISA USB Devices" group in Device Manager quite happily. Is there any other updates available (perhaps NI-VISA?) that may correct this issue? I realize you sell an ethernet port upgrade, but as I already have this server for other devices, I would like to try and make it work in the first instance.

James Cooper

PS. The Cleverscope works correctly when directly connected to my computer.

22 Nov 2011
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Hello James,
It's hard to understand why the device would be visible under NI-VISA USB devices, and yet not accessible. There is a new version of Visa available, but it mostly fixes issues in Windows 7. Unfortunately without having access to the device, it is difficult to simulate the fault and find out what is going wrong. We can send you a debug console if you are willing to do some low level testing.
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