How to integrate the .dll files to control it by Matlab

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25 Nov 2011
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Hello everyone,

I've recently obtained the Cleverscope CS328A and it works pretty well, but i want implicitly control it by my MATLAB GUI. I've just read something about this topic in this forum, and it says that i have to integrate Cscope Control Driver.dll File into my programm. How does this work and is there and easier way to control the Cleverscope with my Matlab programm? Because i got no experience in working with .dll files.
Or are there some instructions which show how to implement the .dll files into Matlab code?

Thanks for your help

1 Dec 2011
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Hello Elcahon,
Way back then bwc posted some code to control the Cleverscope via the .dll (see

We have not yet built a Simplescope example for Matlab, though we plan to do that once we get the neccessary Matlab skills.

I also believe that Matlab can run active X controls. We can make our Cleverscope look like an Active X server, perhaps that would be of use to to? If you can help in that regard, perhaps we can work together.

You might also like to know that you can use the 4 Maths equation matlab functions (cscope1.m to cscope4.m) to pass Cleverscope signals directly to Matlab, and use and display the result. Click the help button on the Maths Equation builder.
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