Reading about 30mV high

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15 Dec 2011
Posts: 9

I did the yearly and standard calibrations on my Cleverscope and it reads about 30mV high compared to a couple of calibrated meters. Is there any way to adjust it?


24 Dec 2011
Posts: 481

Hi Eric,
I'm assuming the 30mv error happens when the amplitude range is outside the range -2.5V to +2.5V? Currently our method of calibration is to use an internal 2V precision DAC to calibrate each gain range while using our 1x attenuator, and then measuring gain and offset for the 8x attenuator which is used for the -20 to +20V amplitude range. This yields an average accuracy of better than 0.3%. (For example with -5V to +5V = 10,000 mV, 0.3% = 30mV). However we have been thinking that we can do better, and so we'll be looking at an improvement in the calibration process in the New Year. Happy Christmas!
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