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11 Jan 2012
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I have a CS328A that after upgrading to Ethernet comms will no longer calibrate.
This probably has nothing to do with the upgrade.

I note that channel A has an offset. The zero input is now somewhere between 10 and 20 volts depending upon the input scaling.

This offset does not change with the switching of the AC/DC probe input.

Would an Annual Calibration solve this problem as i note that the calibration table storage has been changed along the way in the life (some 6 years) of my two scope units.

If not the process any suggestions on what I might try before returning them?


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15 Jan 2012
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Hello Roger,
If it has been 6 years, then yes - we have made some major changes to the calibration system.
I'd be upgrading theapplication and firmware to the latest, and then doing a once yearly calibration followed by a standard calibration. That will write the new version of the calibration table to the unit.

To upgrade the firmware, get the latest update from the downloads page, and follow the instructions. Rom Loader should find the unit, provided it is the only connected cleverscope.

Follow the instructions on the once yearly and standard calibration tabs.

Good luck - and let us know how you go.
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