Averaging problems

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20 Jan 2012
Posts: 2

I had it working for a while (externally calling the .dll under matlab), and now I wonder with some updates if there were some changes made that broke my code:
it still works for 4 avgs
AcquisitionMode = 4
NumSeqFrames = 4
WaveformAverages =4
NumBuffers = 5

but for 16 averages:

AcquisitionMode = 4
NumSeqFrames = 16
WaveformAverages =16
NumBuffers = 17

it doesn't acquire correctly.

Is there something incorrect about these settings? would there be anything else I would need to set?


20 Jan 2012
Posts: 2

never mind. I just tried it using a different source and it works fine. I think I had my delay set too high that it wasn't working
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