How to use CS328 as a continuous data recorder?

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10 Aug 2006

I wanted to use the PCScope to record continuously of a signal to my harddrive until I tell it to stop. Can it be done? Thanks!

12 Aug 2006

I would kind of guess it would be possible to write your own application interfacing to a cleverscope API somehow. I have never done this but I think with customer software development it's most likely possible.

20 Aug 2006
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Hello Adrianli,
Sadly we have not yet completed continuous save to disk. This will be posted as an update when it is done.

Hello JAL,
you can use the Cscope DLL (see the resources page) to directly control a Cleverscope. If you have Labview, you can use the Labview Control VI. Many of our users do this.

28 Aug 2006
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v3521 now adds the capability to log values in the information window. Because the information window can display results from the Maths graph, you can pre-process values to be logged (eg temperature in deg C, or energy in Joules). You can also log the frequency, standard deviation, or peak-peak values for example. The logger exports a text file, which you can re-import into Cleverscope to view and manipulate like any other graph, and resave as a binary file complete with setups.
Or you can open it in Excel or Matlab. The logger has a time resolution of 0.1 second, and you can log periods up to a month per sample, if you want.

27 Sep 2006

What about logging data without PC (start with pc and then disconnect/shut down it for extended period;scope remains powered).
Recording to USB-memory?(maybe through some kind of powered adaptor,but again without constantly powered PC)

27 Sep 2006
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Hello Keenla,
This is a good idea, and we will put it in the list.

5 Oct 2006

Hi Bart!

Does the new Data logging function also work on data from the spectrum graph?
Or let me rephrase: is there a way to display numeric information on spectrum graph curves in the information window?

What I would need to do was the logging of phase shift (between Channel A and B, both beeing sinusoidal waves of the same Frequency) information (in degrees) over time! Is that already possible, or will that be possible any time soon?

best regards, gernot

6 Oct 2006
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Hello Gernot,
We will set to and do this in the next couple of days - it is easy to achieve. To help, we will make it so you can log the marker vertical positions. In that way you can position the markers on the gain and phase values you want, and then log them. Will that do?

regards Bart

9 Oct 2006

Thank you Bart,
the improvement you describe will do! I do appreciate your work and must say that my first impression of the cleverscope device is a very positive one!

Yet I do have another question regarding the LOGGING function:
I tried DATALOGGING of several different A and B channel values (Min, Max, Pk-Pk RMS...and so on) mostly this works agradably, except for the Logging of A and B channel PK-PK (which is quite important for my work) values. The device only loggs A Channel PK-PK values... is it possible that there is still a small bug on the B channel side?

Best regards, Gernot

12 Oct 2006
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Hello Gernot,
We have fixed the problem with logging the wrong channel (a small wiring error!), and have added harmornic analysis, spectrum logging and marker logging. You can place markers on your gain/phase positions, and log those. Hope this helps.

24 Oct 2006

Hi again Bart!

I downloaded the October version and it definitely is a great improvement!
As mentioned in previous posts i am interested in LOGGING certain data, like peak-peak values of channel A and B, the phase shift of both channels...etc.

Here is my next question: will it any time soon be possible to LOG data from more than two output channels, as is already insinuated in the math equation builder window (4 different output channels are shown there). It would be quite important for my work to Log data from, say Channel A, Channel B and a mathematical Function like ChA-ChB, on three different output channels. [for anyone thinking I am dull not to just subtract logged values from ChA and ChB to get ChA-ChB values, note that things are not that simple when dealing with 2 phase shifted signals (A and B)]

Anyway: Thank you very much for your great work Bart, best regards, Gernot

25 Oct 2006
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Hello Gernot,
Intrinsically there is nothing to stop us logging whatever information is available. Once our next hardware iteration is out, we will spend some time on this, including a logging graph display to show you what is being logged. All suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for the suggestions.
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